Training with Tramedic™

We all know this is serious stuff, but by offering online training videos in a format that you can watch with people of all ages takes the edge off and allows you to educate the most squeamish or sensitive members of your staff, family or organization. The online training site also provides the ability to assign videos to individuals and to track their progress on a training manager dashboard. This greatly reduces the workload on an organization’s safety manager and simplifies the implementation process.

The Tramedic™ Training Portal

Our training is hosted through an online learning management system that facilitates individual training or handling thousands of employees. The portal can be accessed through your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or just about any internet accessible device.

The online training portal features specific training on Tramedic™ trauma kits. Along with equipment training, we provide a host of other private and government programs involving issues such as active shooter situations, work place violence, and natural disasters. We can customize training if your organization requires additional items and topics.

In person and live webinar training is also available. For more information on these options, call us at 864-760-1850 or fill out the form below!

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