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Be Prepared, Not Scared.

How the Roxbury School District is putting school preparedness front and center.


According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 160 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013, with the frequency of incidents increasing annually. Schools Pre-K through 12th grade and institutions of higher education have accounted for over 24% of these incidents. This makes schools the second most vulnerable location for an active shooter event. Learn how the Roxbury School District is changing the way cities approach campus safety… 

Although more than half of these horrific events ended in five minutes or less, devastating damage was already done. Law enforcement usually responds within minutes, but it could take hours for a scene to be declared safe. Meanwhile, victims of the event could need lifesaving medical treatment immediately.

There is a similar gap in response time for emergency medical services to reach a school in the event of an emergency unrelated to active shooter incidents. Other emergencies include: playground accidents, sports-related injuries, or incidents in the classroom. Schools should be equipped with the knowledge and equipment to provide the necessary treatment until professional first responders can arrive.

The school district of Roxbury, New Jersey is setting the standard for campus safety for any type of emergency. Roxbury is the first school district in the nation to outfit every school with Tramedic® trauma kits. This all thanks to a partnership between the Roxbury Township Police Department and Roxbury Rotary Club. Their kit of choice, the Tramedicube®, is in every public school, private school, library, and rec. center in the city. The kits give each school the ability to treat a full range of traumatic injuries including: massive bleeding, blocked airways, chest wounds, and many more.

What the Police Chief had to say: 

Former Police Chief of Roxbury emphasized that these kits are not just for serious situations such as active shooters but also for general preparedness. “… be it an accident or something else, we want to be prepared. We’re fortunate in Morris County that every police officer is outfitted with a trauma kit, and I felt that the schools needed them too.” Roxbury township Police carry trauma kits from Tactical Medical Solutions®. Tramedicubes® contain some of the same products but are adapted for civilian use.

The Tramedicubes® are designed to be used by all people, including the untrained bystander, so that anyone can provide immediate care. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that traumatic incidents in schools are increasing annually. These kits empower faculty, staff, and students to become immediate first responders. “It’s a self-contained kit that comes with both the product and the training on how to use it, and that’s key,” said former Chief Simonetti. Simple and color-coded instructions lead the user to the proper equipment to treat the most serious injuries first. Additionally, training videos detail how to use the kits components. This ensures that when the time comes, bystanders are already equipped with the knowledge to respond. Learn more about the Tramedicube® here: https://www.griflog.com/product/tramedicube/.

Learn more about how the Tramedic® Response System can be implemented into your school at Griffin Logistics. You can also contact us at marketing@griflog.com or 864-760-1850.