The month of August marks the beginning of the school year for most students and parents. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for the year, but have you checked to see if your school is 100% prepared? Simple injuries such as a minor bleeding from a paper cut or knee scrape can usually be handled by the school’s nurse, but what would your school do when something more significant happens?

Who Is Being Targeted?

Schools ranging from elementary level to universities have been victims of active shooters and large-scale mass casualty incidents in recent years. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, roughly 23% of all active shooter scenarios between the years 2000 and 2015 happened at educational facilities. Safety inside and outside the classroom is always a priority so it’s important to be prepared for any situation whether big or small.

How Can A School Prepare?

A trauma kit system implemented throughout the school can be the first step to prepare for any potential serious injuries in the future. The reason behind placing trauma kits in accessible areas is so bystanders can utilize the equipment to treat victims before first responders can arrive. Sometimes serious injuries involving excessive bleeding are unable to wait for professional help. A victim can bleed out within minutes so having a tourniquet and other trauma equipment handy can truly be a lifesaver. To find the right fit for your building, the Tramedic® Response System has kits in multiple sizes so you can choose what’s most appropriate.

“Civilians become the first link in what we call the trauma chain of survival”

– Michael McCabe

The second step is knowing how to use the trauma kit equipment through training. Our kits include an online training portal access so you can know how to use the equipment from day one. A recent example out of New Jersey shows how a school district has taken the initiative to prepare their facilities. The Bayonne School Board in New Jersey has implemented 20 trauma kits throughout the district’s schools and had over 100 employees trained on using the kit equipment.

The Next Level Of Preparation

Many schools are taking the training element a step further by going through mass casualty drills with their employees and local responders. Simulating a realistic event helps everyone practice their roles and prepare for a day that hopefully will never come. North Bergen’s Robert Fulton School in Hudson County, New Jersey had local residents volunteer to play victims in their active shooter drill during the school’s summer break to make the training as real as possible. Their simulation included volunteers with injuries like gunshot wounds and local police, paramedics, and firefighters to show how all parties can work together to ensure safety. The term “active shooter” usually incites panic but with the right preparation you can be ready.

In an emergency, every second counts.

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