Individuals and organization continue to learn from natural and man-made disasters to improve emergency preparedness. Information gathered from experiencing a large crisis helps experts develop new strategies and technology to make experiencing a similar event easier. Local governments, schools, and businesses are moving forward with initiatives to prepare for traumatic injuries like a mass casualty incident by installing trauma kits in largely used spaces.

Clemson University, recently named the nation’s safest campus, continues to improve their safety initiatives by installing Tramedic® Cabinet Kits in buildings across campus. Clemson’s Undergraduate Student Government (CUSG) took the lead on the project by providing funding so fellow students and faculty will be better protected in the future. The student center and library have kits already installed with many other buildings obtaining their own in the near future.

With a year containing many mass casualty incidents, campuses and other public buildings are preparing for the unexpected by beefing up their preventative safety measures. Technology plays a critical role in the safety and security of hospitals, schools, and offices. With that in mind, Campus Safety Magazine announced their BEST (Best Electronic Systems Technologies) Award winners for this year. We’re proud to announce our Tramedic® Cabinet Kit was awarded the best Miscellaneous Security & Safety Product for 2017. It’s important for public buildings and spaces to improve preparedness and training for mass casualty incidents as one can happen anywhere at any time.

How Can You Be Prepared?

We understand individuals or families may not require a large trauma kit like those found on Clemson’s campus but can benefit by having access to one in the case of an emergency. Our compact kits, the Tramedicube®Tramedic® Individual Response Pack, or Tramedikit®, can be stored in office drawers, cars, and other convenient spaces in your life so you can be prepared at a moment’s notice. For instance, having access to a trauma kit in your car can be the difference between life and death if a serious traffic collision causes injury while traveling this holiday season. So, here’s our question to you: How are you preparing for the unthinkable?

In an emergency, every second counts.

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