South Carolina Department of Education and DHEC

A total of 18,000 Tramedic® Bleeding Control Kits were distributed throughout the state of South Carolina to all its public schools for the 2018-2019 academic year. The kits are evenly distributed among the four Public Health Preparedness Regions’ school districts. Nurses throughout the state participated in regional training for how to use the kits in the summer leading up to the school year so they can train faculty and staff upon return to their respective school. Thanks to a team effort by multiple state partners the kits and training were provided at no cost to school districts.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Many times, in a shooting we don’t have time to wait on emergency responders so this is a way to put first aid in people’s hands.” – Brad Walker, University of Tennessee Emergency Management Planning Specialist

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville has taken student, faculty, and community safety to the next level by adding around 1,000 Tramedic® trauma kits throughout campus facilities. Tramedikits™ have been implemented in every AED cabinet on campus along with Tramedic® Cabinet Kits installed in large spaces like the Student Union, Thompson-Boling Arena, and Neyland Stadium.

Anderson School District 3

Expanding upon the South Carolina statewide Tramedic® Bleeding Control Kit distribution in 2018, Anderson School District 3 has added another 25 custom Tramedikits™ to their schools. The new kits have been placed inside AED cabinets to create a “one-stop shop” for emergency response supplies. District officials strategically placed the kits in hallways throughout the schools so the closest designated responder can act in seconds, not minutes.

Furman University

The Furman University Police Department began placing custom built Tramedicubes® in strategic places across its campus leading up to the 2019-2020 academic year to improve its rapid medical care response during emergencies. As each kit is installed, Lt. Victor Rivas with campus police is training staff members at each location on how to properly use the kits during a crisis scenario. In total, the university plans to add at least 8 Tramedicubes® in its high traffic areas like the student center, library, auditorium, and dining hall.

Clemson University

Clemson is continuing to make safety a top priority by installing 34 Tramedic® Cabinet Kits throughout multiple buildings on campus in late 2017 to early 2018. Each large kit contains multiple massive bleeding sub kits so severe bleeding can be managed for several people at once in the event of a shooting or active violence incident. The Clemson Undergraduate Student Government helped fund the project along with facilitation by the Clemson Police Department and Clemson Fire/EMS.

The University of South Carolina

With a campus community of almost 50,000 people, the University of South Carolina (USC) makes safety a top priority. In 2017 alone, the campus hosted over 500 special events ranging from 25 to 100,000 attendees. The university received a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and decided to install 41 Tramedic® Cabinet Kits throughout campus. As part of the university’s ongoing commitment to safety, law enforcement and safety officials are working towards the goal of installing at least one kit in every campus building.

Dorchester School District Two

In 2018, Dorchester School District Two obtained their first set of Tramedic® Bleeding Control Kits from the South Carolina statewide bleeding control initiative thanks to a SCDHEC grant. The school district decided to expand upon this project with the help of the district’s nonprofit, the Dorchester Two Educational Foundation. Their ultimate goal is to equip every classroom in the district with an individual kit and so far they have funded and implemented over 400 more Tramedic® Bleeding Control Kits.

York School District 1

The district placed their Tramedic® Bleeding Control Kits ,acquired from the 2018 statewide bleeding control initiative, in key locations throughout the district’s ten schools. Furthermore, to ensure that there was a trauma kit in every classroom, the district developed a plan to purchase additional kits. The district’s Transportation and Safety Director led the charge with support from teachers and parents, and thanks to a grant from Duke Energy, purchased a total of 365 custom Tramedikits™. Now, kits are located at the front door of every classroom as well as areas such as gymnasiums and cafeterias.

The Citadel

Consistently one of the top rated schools in the south and a landmark of Charleston, SC, the Citadel works to continuously improve its campus safety. The campus regularly has many visitors so community safety is important to school officials. The Citadel has strategically installed 6 Tramedic® Cabinet Kits in key locations to prepare students, faculty, and visitors for any unexpected injury or emergency.

The University of Arizona

Back in 2016, the University of Arizona implemented several Tramedic® Cabinet Kits and Tramedicubes® on campus to help prepare and empower the Wildcat community for serious injuries. The kits are located in popular campus facilities where they can be publicly accessed by students, staff, and visitors in the case of an emergency.

Bayonne, NJ Board of Education

The Bayonne School Board in New Jersey has installed 20 of our trauma kits throughout the district’s schools. Along with installing kits in a dozen schools, the district has trained over 100 faculty members on bleeding control and how to use kit equipment so everyone is prepared if a crisis unfolds.

Wisconsin South-Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council

The Stop the Bleed initiative in South Central Wisconsin was initiated by the South-Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (SCRTAC) and the South-Central Wisconsin Health Emergency Readiness Coalition (SCWIHERC). Resources from both organizations were pooled together to fund training equipment that was made available to “champion” agencies across 14 counties. After any K-12 school in the region has at least 5 staff members complete a bleeding control training, the school receives a Multi-Victim Trauma Classroom Bag (MVTCB) containing 10 Tramedikits™.

So far over 1,600 Tramedikits™ have been purchased with most already being implemented into schools throughout south-central Wisconsin. The ultimate goal the SCRTAC initiative is to provide at least one MVTCB to every public and private school in the region. With the help of the community, the SCRTAC hopes to achieve that goal quickly so everyone is better prepared to handle uncontrolled bleeding and serious injuries.

Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research

The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) was born in 2003. CU-ICAR is a catalyst for global automotive engineering with an innovative campus for automotive and motorsport research. With many faculty, students, and visitors flowing in and out of the campus, Tramedic® Wall Kits were installed beside AED locations to improve response times for traumatic injuries.

Century BMW

Established for over 40 years, Century BMW proudly serves customers throughout Greenville and the state of South Carolina. The dealership’s large, state-of-the-art service department has been outfitted with Tramedicubes® to help prepare employees if serious injuries occur.

Chomorat North America

For over 100 years, Chomarat has specialized in producing composite materials and technical textiles for the globe. The company has four industrial sites in France, Tunisia, China, and the United States and continues to develop innovative products for many industries including the aeronautics, automotive, sports, marine, and construction industries. As a highly innovative manufacturer, the company has worked to implement several Tramedic® Cabinet Kits and Tramedicubes® throughout its North American location in South Carolina to better prepare employees for unexpected injuries and emergencies.

Dallas Convention Center

In the heart of downtown Dallas, you will find one of the largest convention centers in the country, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas (KBHCCD). Offering about 1 million square feet of exhibit space, the KBHCCD welcomes over 1 million visitors every year for a variety of events like conferences, concerts, auto shows, and more. To help ensure the safety of every visitor, Tramedic® Cabinet Kits are strategically placed throughout the facility near other emergency equipment. Next time you visit one of the most popular convention centers in the US, take note of where the nearest trauma kits are located!

Albuquerque International Sunport

Welcoming around 5 million passengers every year, the Albuquerque International Sunport is one of the busiest spots in New Mexico. Over the past 80 years, the airport has provided a passenger friendly facility for visitors from around the world. The airport has improved emergency response for its 600,000 square foot facility by implementing Tramedic® Cabinet Kits in key common areas.

Dallas Love Field Airport

Located just a few miles outside of downtown, the Dallas Love Field Airport serves as the front door to Dallas for over 7 million passengers each year. With their large number of visitors, safety is a top priority for airport officials. In early 2017, the airport installed Tramedic® Cabinet Kits in their large common areas to improve emergency response in case of a traumatic event.

City of Dallas, Texas

The City of Dallas, TX took a huge step in preparing their community for unseen emergencies by installing Tramedic® trauma kits throughout the city. With over 160 kits located around the city, the people of Dallas have the tools to immediately respond to an emergency while first responders are on-the-way. Additionally, training was provided for more than 13,000 city officials. The City of Dallas is now empowered handle traumatic events at a moment’s notice.

City of Albuquerque, New Mexico

In the heart of New Mexico sits the City of Albuquerque. In late 2017, city officials took the necessary steps to better prepare employees, residents, and visitors to assess and treat traumatic injuries. With almost 2 dozen Tramedic Cabinet Kits installed around the community in government facilities and public spaces, residents and visitors have life-saving tools at their fingertips.

Roxbury Township Police Department

The Roxbury Township Police Department partnered with the Roxbury Rotary Club to help implement trauma kits throughout the town’s school district. The school district of Roxbury, NJ was the first school district in the nation to outfit every school with Tramedic® trauma kits, outfitting every library, recreation center, public school, and private school with Tramedicubes®.

“It’s a self-contained kit that comes with both the product and the training on how to use it, and that’s key,” -Former Chief Simonetti’s thoughts on the Tramedicube®.

The former Police Chief of Roxbury also emphasized that these kits are not just for serious situations such as active shooters but also for general preparedness. “… be it an accident or something else, we want to be prepared. We’re fortunate in Morris County that every police officer is outfitted with a trauma kit, and I felt that the schools needed them too.” Each officer with the Roxbury Township Police carry trauma kits from Tactical Medical Solutions® and the Tramedicubes® contain some of the same products, adapted for civilian use.