The Importance of Trauma Awareness

May was National Trauma Awareness Month, but we focus on trauma year-round.


This year’s major effort for the American Trauma Society is the nation-wide Stop the Bleed Campaign. Stop the Bleed was developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to empower individuals with the appropriate knowledge so anyone can act quickly and save lives in an emergency situation. Uncontrolled bleeding injuries can occur from a wide variety of sources such as natural and man-made disasters to everyday accidents at home.

Severe uncontrolled bleeding can kill within minutes so there may not be enough time for professional responders to reach the victim. Typically, law enforcement responds to a scene within several minutes, but it could take hours for a scene to be declared safe. To maximize survival from a situation such as an intentional mass-casualty event there must be immediate responders there to continuously contribute proper care until professional responders can arrive.

Empowering the public:

The public is often the first to respond to the victims in an emergency situation so the goal of Tramedic® is to place life-saving treatments in their hands. Immediate responders contribute to a victim’s survival by performing critical external hemorrhage control at the location of the wounding until the arrival of a traditional first responder. The control of external hemorrhage is the critical step in eliminating preventable prehospital death. Having appropriate medical resources and education at the disposal of the immediate responders is vital.

Together, we and many other organizations are aimed at empowering bystanders to step up and take appropriate action to keep the injured victim alive until appropriate medical care is available. Sometimes injuries are so severe there’s not enough time to wait for professional help to arrive before performing any treatment. No one person should die from uncontrolled bleeding because preventable death after an intentional mass-casualty event should be eliminated through the use of a seamless, integrated response system. Each of us can play a role in saving lives in injury situations.

How we fit in:

According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were 160 active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2013. Our nation’s threat remains elevated from active shooter incidents and other similar events. Enhancing public resilience to all potential hazards has been identified as a priority for domestic preparedness. Tragedies can occur at any time or place so Tramedic® wants to invoke change in communities around the country. Public safety concerns continue to rise as new tragedies. We support the Stop the Bleed initiative by providing a complete Tramedic® Response System so the necessary gear can reach the public’s hands. We will always be there to provide every individual, school, workplace, public venue, and organization with customized and reliable life-saving trauma kits that’s ready for any situation and time. Tramedic® accomplishes this by incorporating a mix of intuitive products, simple instructions, and effective training videos to ensure you and those around you are prepared for the worst.

The right trauma kit can be the difference between life and death, especially when it comes to traumatic injuries. Each Tramedic® kit is easily accessible and has a variety of sub-kits designed for varying types of injuries so anyone can be effective in buying time during a critically injured emergency situation. The Tramedic® Wall and Cabinet Kits are designed for use in areas where large numbers of people are present at one given time or have access to throughout the day like a school, large office complex, or spacious public venue. The Tramedicube® is designed for use in homes, offices, vehicles, and areas with smaller numbers of occupants. Its 9”x9” cube shape allows for easy storage in many different environments. Our smallest kit, the Tramedic® Individual Response Pack is compact so it can easily be stored in the trunk of a car or mounted to most vehicle’s sun visors. This small but vital kit focuses on the three most serious injuries and provides the material needed to treat them effectively. Whether you are dealing with serious bleeding, chest injuries, or an unconscious person unable to maintain their own airway, this compact kit has you covered. Most of our kits can have a custom arrangement of sub-kits to ensure we meet your specific needs.

Having the kit available is a crucial first step, but having the training and knowledge to know how and when to use the trauma kits is equally important. At the center of the Tramedic® system is a removable decision tree or flowchart that provides the necessary information for any responder to assess the situation and provide proper treatment until medical personnel can arrive. Each kit also comes with a certain number of licenses for our training portal where videos detail the information and components of each sub kit inside. Improving public awareness about how to stop severe bleeding and expanding personal and public access to emergency medical supplies can be the difference between life and death for an injured person. It’s more than first aid, it’s the Tramedic® difference.

Learn more about how the Tramedic® Response System can be implemented and used at Griffin Logistics. You can also contact us at marketing@griflog.com or 864-760-1850.