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Wisconsin Schools Empowered to Save Lives with Tramedic®

In 2017, regional trauma systems throughout Wisconsin began the conversation about supporting the Stop the Bleed initiative in the state. Then on October 1st, 2017 the mass shooting in Las Vegas occurred. After the shooting, the regional trauma systems knew something had to be done. Together, regional partners embarked on the project to educate point of care providers to save lives when and where first responders are not readily available.


How It All Started

The Stop the Bleed initiative in South Central Wisconsin was initiated by a team effort between the South-Central Regional Trauma Advisory Council (SCRTAC) and the South-Central Wisconsin Health Emergency Readiness Coalition (SCWIHERC). Resources from both organizations were pooled together to fund training equipment that was made available to “champion” agencies across 14 counties. SCRTAC members conduct train-the-trainer bleeding control courses with regional EMS and hospital partners. Once the regional partners have completed training, they can work with local schools to train faculty and staff on bleeding control techniques.

After any K-12 school in the region has at least 5 staff members complete a bleeding control training, the school receives a Multi-Victim Trauma Classroom Bag (MVTCB). Each bag can be hung on a wall and has been designed for quick access to multiple individual bleeding control kits inside. Inside there are 10 Tramedikits™ with lifesaving equipment that can be handed out in multiple locations to treatment providers in an emergency. An MVTCB can be used to treat up to 10 seriously injured patients allowing each school to maximize patient care efficiency and efficacy.

“Schools are hungry for this.” – Dan Williams


So far over 1,600 Tramedikits™ have been purchased with most already being implemented into schools throughout south-central Wisconsin. The ultimate goal the SCRTAC initiative is to provide at least one MVTCB to every public and private school in the region. With the help of the community, the SCRTAC hopes to achieve that goal quickly so everyone is better prepared to handle uncontrolled bleeding and serious injuries.

Who’s Leading the Charge?

The driving force behind the region’s Stop the Bleed initiative has been Dan Williams, the Regional Trauma Advisory Council Coordinator for SCRTAC. Williams currently serves full time as Lieutenant at the City of Madison Fire Department and has worked in public safety for over 2 decades. Through his work as a firefighter and paramedic, he has always had an active interest in trauma education and a focus on patient care. He joined the SCRTAC over 10 years ago and has enjoyed using his passion to help his community.

With Dan’s leadership, the SCRTAC has worked on other trauma care initiatives with EMS and law enforcement agencies in the state. The council has trained and equipped every transporting EMS agency throughout the 14-county region with their Multi-Victim Trauma Bag. The bag is similar to the MVTCB for the schools with each bag containing 10 individual trauma kits with items such as chest seals, NPAs, and hemorrhage control items. Additionally, the group has trained and equipped over 10,000 law enforcement officers in the state of Wisconsin with the SOF® Tourniquet by Tactical Medical Solutions. Through the dedication and hard work of the SCRTAC, thousands of first responders, school officials, and students are better prepared for serious injury emergencies.

The Tramedikit™ is an individual trauma kit packed in small, portable, resealable bag and contains the necessary items to treat serious injuries such as heavy bleeding or penetrating chest trauma.

“We pray to God that our kits will never be used. At the same time, we pray that should an event occur in one of our region’s schools, it occurs in the schools that have trained and equipped staff members ready to Stop the Bleed.” – Dan Williams

How You Can Help

If you are interested in learning about how you can help SCRTAC’s future efforts to provide kits to schools and other bleeding control initiatives, visit http://www.scrtac.org/ or contact Dan Williams at dan@scrtac.org. For more information about the Tramedikit™ and how other Tramedic® trauma kits can fit into your home, school, or office contact us today!